18 Things We Did In College That We’ll Never Do Again

College: a time of learning, personal growth, and doing lots of dumb, dumb things. But once you leave, don’t do the dumb thing of ignoring your loans. SALT can help you face them, take action, and you could even win $10,000 to pay for college or repay your loans.

1. Clean while drunk and think this is brilliantly resourceful:

j_spencee23 / Via instagram.com
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2. Eat ramen every day… and rarely in a bowl:

itsjustcatherine / Via instagram.com
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3. Shower with flip-flops because the bathroom looks like this:

ashleecloud / Via instagram.com
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4. Not bother with mixers or glasses or anything that gets between you and your booze:

davidecavadini / Via instagram.com
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5. Get one of these at two in the morning:

__staytrue__xoxo / Via instagram.com
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6. And then sleep off a hangover for the next three days:

jorgegarcia_96 / Via instagram.com
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7. Pay someone else to do your homework or write your papers:

jessicaasoobyy / Via instagram.com
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8. Share a bathroom with dozens of randos:

nick_cruz13 / Via instagram.com

(they never use a plunger!)

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9. Who pull stuff like this all the time:

carlirae93 / Via instagram.com
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10. Stay up for 72 hours by only drinking these:

duywhatsyoflava / Via instagram.com
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11. Use whatever’s lying around because you don’t have the right kind of kitchen stuff:

littlewhittle22 / Via instagram.com
ID: 1132919

12. Have nothing to wear because you didn’t do laundry all month:

catthewmollins / Via instagram.com
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13. Go down the hallway by sliding:

jennieherm / Via instagram.com
ID: 1134641

14. Rely on this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner:

missyglinn / Via instagram.com
ID: 1134648

15. Drink out of a super-classy cardboard cooler:

whit_decker / Via instagram.com

Nothing says “I’m a student” quite like drinking from a trash bag inside of a box.

ID: 1132766

16. Hide in a bathroom while the cops breakup your friend’s party:

Omri Rolan
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17. Think your dorm keys are so important that you MUST wear them around your neck at all times:

legendforever3 / Via instagram.com
ID: 1132663

18. Sleep on the floor because it’s basically a bed:

daimarie324 / Via instagram.com
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But thinking about your student loans is definitely something you should do again:

SALT can help you take action; we’re even giving away $10,000 to help a few students pay for college or pay back their loans.

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