27 Fast Food Themed Cakes That Are Like Works Of Art

Delicious works of art that you’ll eat anyway because why wouldn’t you eat a Big Mac in the form of a cake? You would. YOU SO WOULD.

1. McDonald’s Big Mac Cake

Complete with french fries, a drink, and ketchup.

ID: 1279617

2. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Cake

Is eating 40 Chicken McNuggets in cake form worse than eating 40 real Chicken McNuggets?

ID: 1279621

3. Taco Bell Tacos and Burritos Cake

It’s a proposal cake. YES.

ID: 1279623

4. Or just focus on Taco Bell’s Border Sauce:

In conclusion: People love proposing to their boyfriends and girlfriends with Taco Bell cakes.

ID: 1279626

5. Wendy’s Cake

Because who doesn’t love Wendy’s?

ID: 1279628

6. Burger King Whopper Cake

With three servings of fries…which are actually cake, obviously.

ID: 1279637

7. Carl’s Jr. Cake

If he proposes to you with a Taco Bell cake, give him a Carl’s Jr. one for his Groom’s cake. It’s the right thing to do.

ID: 1279638

8. KFC Cake and Cupcakes

A bucket of chicken. Popcorn chicken. Fries. Beans. Corn. Even moist towelettes. They’re ALL there.

ID: 1279641

KFC Bucket of Chicken Cookies

Okay, so this isn’t a cake, but aren’t these cookies like the CUTEST things ever?

ID: 1279643

9. Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits Cake

The chicken in this cake looks like real chicken. Well done baker, WELL DONE.

ID: 1279645

10. Domino’s Pizza Cupcake Cake

Eat the pizza cake first, then the cupcakes. Or vice versa. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

ID: 1279648

11. Pizza Hut Cake

ID: 1279650

12. In-N-Out Burger Cake

My personal fave.

ID: 1279653

13. This In-N-Out cake has Animal Fries:

And the old Macintosh Apple symbol too for some reason.

ID: 1279654

14. Denny’s Cake

Breakfast for dessert? WHY NOT?

ID: 1279655

15. Waffle House Cake

ID: 1279660

16. Panda Express Cake

Perfectly packaged in to-go boxes and complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies.

ID: 1279662

17. But why not just focus on the Panda Express noodles instead:

ID: 1279663

18. Five Guys Burgers and Fries Cake

It’s falling burgers and fries!

ID: 1279664

19. White Castle Cake

ID: 1279669

20. Subway Cake

Eat fresh. But it’s a cake, so it’s like not really fresh. But this looks amazing, so like WHATEVER.

ID: 1279672

21. Quiznos Cake

ID: 1279673

22. Dunkin Donuts Cake

Pink frosting and colorful sprinkles. Classic.

ID: 1279674

23. Arby’s Beef and Cheddar Cake

With potato cakes on the side. NOMS.

ID: 1279675

24. Chipotle Cake

Because burritos at Chipotle truly do get that large.

ID: 1279678

25. Chick-fil-A Cake

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the nuggets, the milkshake, and the waffle fries. This cake encompasses like ALL that is wonderful about Chick-fil-A.

ID: 1279680

26. Nando’s Cake

Dedicated to those of you out there who have had the fantastic privilege to eat Nando’s and experience Peri-Peri chicken.

ID: 1279681

27. Just in case one of these cakes isn’t enough:

Dairy Queen. McDonalds. Taco Bell. KFC. Pizza. Subway. The gang’s all here.

ID: 1279682

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