21 Parks And Recreation Food Items That You Should Have In Your Life

Treat yo self and smell like a delicious waffle from JJ’s Diner.

1. Leslie Knope’s Waffle Necklace

ID: 1226201

It matches your LBD and it’s SCENTED. Perfect.

ID: 1226202

2. Waffle Soap

Just in case a neckace isn’t enough and you want YOUR ENTIRE BODY to smell like a delicious waffle from JJ’s Diner.

ID: 1226205

3. “Friends, Waffles, Work” Tiny Canvas Quote

Because waffles ALWAYS come before work.

ID: 1226212

4. “Treat Yo Self” Crocheted Coffee Mug Cozy

It also fits travel mugs. WIN.

ID: 1226224

5. “Papa Ben’s Low-Cal Calzone Zone” T-Shirt

As Ben Wyatt informed us, a calzone is a portable, delicious meal that is its own container. Calzones FOR DAYS.

ID: 1226231

6. Ron Swanson Bacon and Eggs T-Shirt

ID: 1226235

7. “You Had Me At Meat Tornado” Cross Stitch

ID: 1226239

8. “Give Me All The Bacon And Eggs You Have” Poster

ID: 1226244

9. Or maybe you’d rather have this Ron Swanson quote in art print form:

ID: 1226246

10. Or maybe you’d rather have it with your breakfast:

ID: 1226252

11. “The Swanson Real-Man Meal” Screen Print

Real men eat turkey legs wrapped in bacon. Quantity over quality. TRUST.

ID: 1226259

12. Ron Swanson 5 x 5 Folded Card

Again, TRUST.

ID: 1226282

13. “Turf and Turf” 8 x 10 Print

SHOUTOUT to Mulligan’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ID: 1226266

14. Ron Swanson Mustache 11 x 14 Print

Among other amazing things, this again mentions Ron’s never-ending love for meat, steak, bacon, and eggs.

ID: 1226271

15. Ron Swanson Father’s Day Card

Because Father’s Day is in June and fishing’s not that hard.

ID: 1226276

16. “When I Eat, It Is The Food That Is Scared” 5 x 5 Print


ID: 1226281

17. “You Had Me At Meat Tornado” Eye Chart

For all of the Ron Swanson fans and meat lovers who have vision problems.

ID: 1226286

18. Tom Haverford Food Slang 8 x 24 Print

To hang in your kitchen or dining room to look at whenever you’re eating your apps, tre-tre’s, and zerts.

ID: 1226299

19. Tom Haverford “I’m Not Your Maid” 12 x 18 Print

Remember Haverford Rule No. 6.

ID: 1226308

20. “Treat Yo Self” Mug

A friendly reminder from Donna and Tom.

ID: 1226316

21. “Foods of Ron Swanson” Hand-Illustrated Print

ALL of the foods of the ultimate man that is Ron Swanson in one print.

ID: 1226292

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