20 Adorable Etsy Items All Mindy Kaling Fans Need In Their Lives

Be your own role model. Channel your inner Beyoncé Pad Thai.

1. Imaginary Best Friend Conversations Print

roaringsoftly / Via etsy.com

Because like everyone wants to have the standard Forever 21 is such awful quality but the prices are irresistable!” conversation with Mindy. Buy it here.

ID: 3544788

2. Lipgloss Quote Embroidery Hoop Art

lemondifficult / Via etsy.com

PREACH, Mindy. PREACH. Buy it here.

ID: 3544813

3. Hot Mess Quote Embroidery Hoop Art

cookoorikoo / Via etsy.com

If Mindy can be a hot mess sometimes, then we can too. WE CAN TOO. Buy it here.

ID: 3544815

4. Mindy Lahiri Greeting Card

ohgoshCindy / Via etsy.com

Because Mindy in watercolor form = GORGEOUS. Buy it here.

ID: 3544856

5. Mindy Project Quote Posters

Shaileyann / Via etsy.com

Buy them here.

ID: 3544859

6. Mindy Kaling Portrait Print

ohmanhoman / Via etsy.com

A cute portrait of your woman spirit guide. Buy it here.

ID: 3544906

7. “Shopping Is My Cardio” T-Shirt

CoolFunnyTshirts / Via etsy.com

Wear this while dance-working out like Mindy. Buy it here.

ID: 3544907

8. “If We’re Still Single In Five Years ” Greeting Card

RainyDayCraftParty / Via etsy.com

#ForeverNotAlone. Buy it here.

ID: 3544970

9. Mindy’s Favorite Things Print

roaringsoftly / Via etsy.com

Based on Mindy’s old blog. Posted on her Instagram. AWESOME. Buy it here.

ID: 3544981

10. Glittery “I’m Sandra Bullock!” Card

SheDoodled / Via etsy.com

Because glitter, Sandra Bullock, and Mindy riding a bike. Buy it here.

ID: 3545020

11. “My Body Is Very Attracted To Your Body” Embroidery Hoop Art

cookoorikoo / Via etsy.com

Awesomely honest quote + dinosaur = PERFECTION. Buy it here.

ID: 3552219

12. “It’s So Weird Being My Own Role Model” Mug

PrintPunch / Via etsy.com

Your daily reminder every morning…and every time that you use this mug. Buy it here.

ID: 3582313

13. Doughnuts Quote Art Print

TheSilverSpider / Via etsy.com

Doughnuts for lunch ALWAYS. Buy it here.

ID: 3582317

14. Mindy Kaling Fabric Button Earrings

ODarlingDesigns / Via etsy.com

Because since Mindy is stylish, then her face as earrings are stylish too. Buy them here.

ID: 3582335

15. Rhymes With Mindy Kaling Print

roaringsoftly / Via etsy.com

Rhyming has never been more chic and adorable. Buy it here.

ID: 3582342

16. “Mindy Is My Spirit Animal” Crop Top

EffieandRyn / Via etsy.com

Isn’t she like everyone’s spirit animal??? Buy it here.

ID: 3631416

17. Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Portrait

tchristensenart / Via etsy.com

BFFs 4EVA. Buy it here.

ID: 3631446

18. Mindy’s Bad Dates Print

roaringsoftly / Via etsy.com

A bunch of cuties. Buy it here.

ID: 3631449

19. Beyoncé Pad Thai Print

roaringsoftly / Via etsy.com

The most stylish, the funniest, the smartest, and the sexiest superhero like EVER. Buy it here.

ID: 3631459

20. “You’re the Danny to My Mindy” Card

ShanaBDesign / Via etsy.com

Danny + Mindy = YES FINALLY THIS IS HAPPENING. Buy it here.

ID: 3631479

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