Romeo: Most Romantic Dog Story Of All Time

And most heartbreaking…but his story is just incredible, and isn’t over yet…

1. Romeo Lost His Juliet

The Pet Collective / Via youtube.com

When his doggie companion was hit by a car recently in Los Angeles, this heroic dog stayed by his companion’s side until help arrived. Little Romeo is a hero who stood by his lover Juliet through the most tragic of events. An inspiring story of animal devotion that we’re very proud to share.

ID: 330665
The Pet Collective / Via youtube.com

Tissue warning…Romeo is going to break your heart. But this little guy has a lot more love to give.

ID: 330666

3. Looking for a loving home…

Department of Animal Care & Control - Los Angeles County / Via animalcare.lacounty.gov

But we have the internet now, and an absolute Shakespearean ending this doesn’t have to be. Romeo is healthy, happy, full of love … and looking for his forever home! If you are interested in adopting Romeo, please contact L.A. County Animal Control.

ID: 330670

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