The Best Stuff Ever

Life just doesn’t get much better than this. Here are a few of our good friends portraying some of the best things ever.

1. Discovering New Music

ID: 299944

2. Cold Beer Waiting For You When You Get Home

ID: 299954

3. Finding Good Movies In The “Recently Added” Section Of Netflix

ID: 299964

4. Drinking Gatorade After Waking Up From A Bender

ID: 299997

5. Playing With Puppies

ID: 300003

6. Drinking On Weeknights With Your Best Friends

ID: 300000

7. Cracking Your Back

ID: 300015

8. Stretching

ID: 300018

9. Drinking Hot Chocolate When You Go Home In The Winter

ID: 300023

10. Sneezing

ID: 300019

11. Drinking Capri Suns Because It Reminds You Of The 90s

ID: 300029

12. Going Out To Eat

ID: 300036

13. Getting Delivery On A Cold, Rainy Day

ID: 300041

14. Re-Watching Your Favorite Shows And Movies

ID: 300048

15. The Smell Of Coffee & Breakfast When You Wake Up In Your Childhood Bed

ID: 300053

16. Waking up on Saturday and Realizing You Don’t Have Work, So You Go Back To Bed

ID: 300057

17. When No One Is Sitting Next To You While On Public Transportation

ID: 300060

18. Or, When A Beautiful, Nice Person Sits Next To You

ID: 300062

19. When You Get A Text From Someone You Haven’t Seen In Forever

ID: 300348

20. When You Get Your Paycheck

ID: 300351

21. When Your Boss Isn’t At Work, So You Can Watch Internet Videos All Day

ID: 300356

22. When Your Friend Leaves An Awesome Shirt At Your Place And It Becomes A Staple Of Your Wardrobe

ID: 300360

23. When A Really Hot Person Starts Working At Your Office

ID: 300376

24. Hopping Into A Nice, Hot Shower

ID: 300380

25. Biting Into Your Favorite Food

ID: 300385

26. Going To Happy Hour After An Extremely Long Day

ID: 300387

27. Getting Free Food (or really, anything free that you like)

ID: 300390

28. Blacking Out And Taking Over Your Hometown With Your Old Buddies The Night Before Thanksgiving

ID: 300395

29. The First Day It’s Really, Ridiculously Nice Outside

ID: 300399

30. Driving Around And Looking At Christmas Lights

ID: 300400

31. The Sound Of A Can Of Beer Opening

ID: 300403

32. When A Song Ends As Soon As You Pull Into Your Driveway

ID: 300410

33. Hearing Your Favorite Song As You Walk Into A Bar Or Club

ID: 300412

34. Being Hungover At Work But Not Having Any Work To Do, So You Just Zone Out & Listen To Music All Day Long

ID: 300427

35. Making Drunk Dials

ID: 300431

36. Being Carried To Your Bed After You Fall Asleep

ID: 300434

37. Getting A Good Night Text From Your Significant Other

ID: 300437

38. Coming Home To A Clean House

ID: 300441

39. Sleeping In Your Own Bed After A Long Night Of Drinking

ID: 300448

40. Sleeping In Another Person’s Bed After A Long Night Of Drinking

ID: 300455

41. Aimlessly Driving Around With Friends In The Summer Blasting Music

ID: 300461

42. Laying On The Beach

ID: 300462

43. Being Happy And Truly Appreciating All That You Have

ID: 300467

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