5 Trends From Clueless That Pass The Test Of Time

Cher Horowitz go out of style? As if!

1. Black and White

2. Gym Class was a lot more fashionable in 1995

The runway outfits are so close, they’re a lawsuit waiting to happen!

3. The Trend: Ray Bans

That’s Beyonce. Wearing Ray Bans. Obviously they’re fashionable

4. Here’s Josh, Seamlessly Pulling Off Ray Bans

He looks like, way existential here

5. The Trend: Cross Jewlery

6. You can’t be jeepin’ behind your boyfriend’s back if you wear a cross

7. The Trend: Sheer Blouses

8. This shirt is obviously a nod to the hot, California weather

Bonus: More cross jewelry!

9. Trend: Low Heels

10. Low heels are perfect shoes for dancin to Billie Holiday, don’t you love him?

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