15 Things We Will All Miss About Dwight Shrute

Beats. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.

1. His Puns

However this pun was masking the duck-spying machine

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2. His soft side

When he rocked baby Ceecee to sleep? Cuteness overload

ID: 1168362

3. His “No Regrets” outlook on life

Special shout out to the other twin, without who we may never have the full, amazing-ness of Dwight

ID: 1168374

4. Dwight’s ability to talk about taboo subjects

ID: 1168384

5. His Family

ID: 1168400

6. His way of making everything relatable

ID: 1168416

7. His freedom of expression

play that recorder Dwight, play it

ID: 1168532

8. His business savvy

ID: 1168537

9. His Sass

ID: 1168538

10. His Compliments

ID: 1168540

11. Dwight always answers the questions we are all too afraid to

ID: 1168545

12. His Anger

ID: 1168550

13. His ignorance

Dwight, you ignorant slut

ID: 1168563

14. His body

ID: 1168571

15. His Dwight-ness

Good Worker
Hard Worker


ID: 1168577

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