10 Commandments Every 20-Something Girl MUST Follow

WWBD. What would Bey do?

1. Thou shall not have any other gods besides Beyoncé.

Unless it’s Britney. Or Gaga.

2. Thou shall not take Ryan Gosling’s name in vain.

ThinkFilm / Via

Damn you Eva Mendes. DAMN. YOU.

3. Thou must remember and accept that guacamole will always be extra.

Paramount Pictures


4. Thou shall not go on a juice cleanse, and then proceed to complain about how hard said juice cleanse is.

NBC / Via

You brought this upon yourself.

5. Thou shall not covet your best friend’s Lululemons.

Lululemon / Via

No matter how perfect they make your ass look, go buy your own.

6. Thou must swipe to the left if a shirtless man presents himself on Tinder.

No matter how flawless said abs are; you’re better than that.

7. Thou shall keep Brunch-with-Bottomless-Mimosas Day holy.

Marvel Studios / Via

The holiest of days.

8. Thou shall limit one’s #hashtags to five.

Trust me, we get it.

9. Honor thy Pumpkin Spice Latte Season.

10. And finally, thou cannot reference too many Mean Girls quotes, because…

Paramount Pictures

…the limit does not exist.

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