14 Reasons The Rock Is An Internet Superhero

Did you know that The Rock is good at internet? Educate yourself! The man knows what he’s doing when it comes to the world wide web. Don’t miss his new reality show, The Hero, premiering TONIGHT on TNT!

1. He’s taken the act of Instagramming meals to a whole new level.

therock / Via instagram.com
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2. He uses social media to make you feel like you’re disappointing your parents.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com


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3. He’s got a knack for isolating sharable content.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com


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4. Not only does he participate in Movember, he makes the burliest of lumberjacks self conscious.

TheRock / Via Twitter: @TheRock
ID: 1206195

5. Did we mention that he knows how to take a proper food selfie?

TheRock / Via Twitter: @TheRock
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6. He uses Throwback Thursday to demonstrate that he was never not The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com
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7. Every once in a while he’ll throw a well-placed animal pic out there, and we greatly appreciate it.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com

Hello? Yes, this is dog.

ID: 1206119

8. THIS glorious piece of photography went viral.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com
ID: 1206189

9. A lot of Make-A-Wish Foundation kids choose to meet The Rock, and images like this don’t even feel like humblebrags. He’s nailing it.

therock / Via instagram.com
ID: 1206094

10. He celebrates social media milestones by exercising.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com
ID: 1206197

11. He lets that softer side come through every so often.

TheRock / Via Twitter: @TheRock


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12. He has mastered the selfie.

Dwayne Johnson / Via facebook.com


ID: 1206208

13. Not sure if it’s been made completely clear that this guy destroys every other food selfie in his path.

TheRock / Via Twitter: @TheRock
ID: 1206190

14. He knows when and where to promote his new show.

Dwayne Johnson / Via Twitter: @TheRock

Also, tear gas? Really?

ID: 1207684

You can watch the trailer here.

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