Can You Guess How It’s Made?

Everything isn’t as automated as you think. Even today, most products have quite a bit of human handling involved. See if you can guess the everyday objects these machines are making. Manufacturing is pretty amazing; if you want to see more from the factory floor, check out these beautiful GIFs from GE.

Michal Cizek / Getty Images

A) Mega Blok
B) My Little Pony
D) Polly Pocket

ID: 134473
William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

A) Erasers
B) Cigarettes
C) Smarties
D) Crayons

ID: 134476
Lucas Schifres / Getty Images

A) Recorders
B) Peg legs
C) Canes
D) Vuvuzelas

ID: 134497
Orlando / Getty Images

A) Pasta ball
B) Rubber band ball
C) Baseball
D) Ball of yarn

ID: 134480
Anoek De Groot / Getty Images

A) Twizzlers
B) Sour Straws
C) Jump ropes
D) Licorice

ID: 134491
Andrew Sutherland / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: fishyone1

A) Oboe
B) Clarinet
C) Bassoon
D) Flute

ID: 134486
Fox Photos / Getty Images

A) Dodgeballs
B) Bowling balls
C) Pool balls
D) Cantaloupes

ID: 134484
Eli Duke / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: elisfanclub

A) Oatmeal
B) Hummus
C) Soup
D) Bean dip

ID: 134489
Lakruwan Wanniarachchi / Getty Images

A) Tires
B) Whips
C) Door mats
D) Belts

ID: 134494
Matt Sullivan / Getty Images

A) Planters
B) Gymnastic mats
C) Mousepads
D) Footballs

ID: 134499

C- Legos

ID: 137339

D- Crayons

ID: 137340

D- Vuvuzelas

ID: 137342

C- Baseballs

ID: 137358

A- Twizzlers

ID: 137344

B- Clarinets

ID: 137346

B- Bowling Balls

ID: 137349

B- Hummus

ID: 137351

A- Tires

ID: 137353

D- Footballs

ID: 137355

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