Top 10 April Fool’s Jokes This Year

Are the employees at Google even working anymore? Or are they spending all their time working on April Fools Pranks? Check out what they and some other sites had to offer this April 1st.

1. Google Maps Goes 8-Bit

Someone at Google must love The Legend of Zelda

ID: 201337

2. Conan O’Brien Buys Mashable, Ousts Pete Cashmore as CEO

ID: 201338

3. IKEA Has A Product Recall

Our favorite.

ID: 201340

4. All Of YouTube Now Available In a DVD Set

Now we can watch YouTube videos while traveling!

ID: 201348

5. Google’s Sergey Brin To Retire To Play Blues Guitar

What else is a guy with 19 billion dollars supposed to do?

ID: 201352

6. Think Geek’s Keurig K-cup™ 5-Star Meals

With hot wings, corn dogs, donuts, tacos and salad, what more can your already loved Keurig brewer do?

ID: 201374

7. Google To Bring self-driving cars to NASCAR

What a safe idea!

ID: 201353

8. Richard Branson launches journeys to the centre of the Earth through Virgin Volcanic

James Cameron is going to be jealous about this expedition!

ID: 201376

9. Google Adwords Introduces Click-to-Teleport Extensions (beta)

This technology makes their driver-less cars obsolete.

ID: 201356

10. Kodak Let’s You Print Your Own Live Kittens

ID: 201887

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