16 Reasons Why Copy Editors Aren’t Always The Worst

From stray typos to fact-checking, attention to detail is important as ever in this world that turns on a “need-to-know” basis. Communicating the right message is never an issue when you take just a little more time and Dare2GoDeep. These reasons for oversight prove that these soldiers of language are always essential.

1. Because we need to know where our world leaders stand.

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2. Because characters count.

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3. Because we simply can’t keep our screens straight anymore.

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4. Because sometimes accurate breaking news is trumped by dangerous wishful thinking.

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5. Because you won’t know where to place the blame.

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6. Because you deserve to know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

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7. Because sarcasm gets lost in translation.

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8. Because “text message shorthand” is not a recognized English dialect.

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9. Because major milestones get lost in the shuffle.

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10. Because having a hot story on your hands tends to overshadow its obvious details.

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11. Because first world problems breed first world problems.

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12. Because brutal honesty is honestly a bit much when it comes to breaking news.

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13. Because it makes sense to wait until the game is actually over before publishing.

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14. Because we can’t keep our rock stars and astronauts straight anymore.


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15. Because sound-alikes never suffice.

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16. Because sometimes accurate breaking news is trumped entirely by total impatience.

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