When Politicians And Babies Collide

It’s not always pretty. Here’s what the little ones are thinking about during this obligatory campaign handoff. Catch more baby mishandling in “The Campaign.” Own it 10/30 on Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack or Digital Download.

1. “That’s definitely NOT my mommy!”

2. “Mr. President, when was the last time you visited the dentist?”

3. “Oh yeah, that diaper is fully loaded for you.”

4. “That face isn’t even that funny.”

5. “Let me try kissing you and see how you like it.”

6. “This guy’s sweater is uglier than mine!”

7. “Damn, I hope to have hair like you someday.”

8. “I appreciate the kiss, Rudy, but I would really just like for you to tie my moccasin.”


10. “I’m pretty sure this guy is trying to eat me.”

11. “What? Never seen a baby with a mohawk before?”

12. “Uh oh.”

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