60 Reasons Niles Crane Is A Babe And A Half

Frasier is great, but Niles is a dorky dreamboat. Just a boat of dorkdreams.

1. We all love “Frasier.”

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2. And yes, we all know Dr. Frasier Crane is wonderful.

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3. But when it comes to adorable dorkiness and being the ultimate in nerd fantasy men, Dr. Niles Crane has got his brother beat.

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4. He’s got game.

ID: 1744730

5. Serious game.

ID: 1744743

6. And swag.

ID: 1746456

7. And the ladies dig it.

ID: 1744734

8. He’s all for a good joke, just all for it.

ID: 1744796

9. He values good hygeine.

ID: 1744773

10. He’s even adorable when he’s struggling to remember what word he was just thinking of but oh, now it’s gone, what was it?

ID: 1746575

11. He knows what he wants and he goes for it.

ID: 1745974

12. He gives the best hugs, just look at the full-body contact.

ID: 1745761

13. He’s super well-read.

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14. And not just books, he’s up on current events.

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15. And great with kids.

ID: 1745512

16. But he knows where to draw the line.

ID: 1745740

17. He completely understands why you just can’t make yourself go to the gym today.

ID: 1745781

18. ‘Cause he has his off days too, girl.

ID: 1745790

19. He puts it all out there, he’s not going to play games.

ID: 1745656

20. He’ll appreciate your wardrobe, and he’ll let you know what you look the best in.

ID: 1745798

21. He has strong morals, but he knows when to bend them.

ID: 1745824

22. He’s always down to karaoke.

ID: 1745839

23. And his reflexes are just top-notch.

ID: 1745843

24. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t just a little bit adorably ticklish.

ID: 1745850

25. He appreciates it when you take the time to get dressed up (or really, really down).

ID: 1745856

26. He’s gainfully employed.

ID: 1745859

27. And even when he’s losing it, he’s still got it together in most ways.

ID: 1745863

28. He always makes time for his family.

ID: 1745878

29. He’s verbally descriptive.

ID: 1745883

30. And he’s cultured.

ID: 1745901

31. Super cultured.

ID: 1746587

32. He’s mastered the subtle sexuality of the hair toss.

ID: 1745910

33. He’ll pick up a sword and defend your honor, no problem.

ID: 1745930

34. But he’s also fragile and he isn’t afraid to show it.

ID: 1745914

35. He has excellent phone etiquette.

ID: 1745947

36. He totally gets why you never iron your pants, you’re right, it’s a waste of time.

ID: 1745966

37. He’s squeamish about blood, so he totally understands why you don’t wanna give blood today.

ID: 1745980

38. He understands social cues.

ID: 1746165

39. He’ll take the time to read your latest screenplay, sure thing.

ID: 1746196

40. If you’re having a bad day, he gets it, you don’t even have to talk, he’s just here for you if you need him.

ID: 1746185

41. He’s fine with you giving up on today. Today sucked. He gives up, too. How about a makeout session?

ID: 1746198

42. He comes from a supportive family.

ID: 1746411

43. He’s a great dancer.

ID: 1746450

44. An *excellent dancer.

ID: 1746543

45. *The best dancer.

ID: 1746449

46. Like, what even?

ID: 1746471

47. He’s not easily alarmed.

ID: 1746501

48. He’s awkward at parties, too, girl. No need to be nervous.

ID: 1746539

49. He can hold his liquor (well, his sherry).

ID: 1746513

50. He dresses for the weather.

ID: 1746552

51. He’ll always tell you what he wants.

ID: 1746554

52. He’s not afraid of confrontation.

ID: 1746558

53. He’ll go to a party and sit in the corner with you and make fun of people.

ID: 1746567

54. But don’t say anything mean to him, or he’ll sulk adorably.

ID: 1746650

55. If he does something, he does it right.

ID: 1746644

56. He’s such. a. good. kisser.

ID: 1746153

57. And so cute when he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

ID: 1746580

58. He’s just dreamy.

ID: 1746158

59. Just a dreamboat.

ID: 1746162

60. Like, ughhhghhghghg DREAMBOAT.

ID: 1746186

61. Just a BOAT OF DREAMS.

ID: 1746191

62. Our feelings exactly.

ID: 1744738

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