25 Signs Alcohol Is Your Significant Other

True love has been standing right in front of you all along. Well, sitting. In a bottle.

1. You always make time for Alcohol.

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2. You’re in pretty constant contact with Alcohol, you always know where it’s hanging out so you guys can meet up later.

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3. You spend most of your weeknights and weekends with Alcohol.

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4. You’re even willing to change your plans last-minute for Alcohol.

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5. When you go out, Alcohol is always your dance partner.

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6. You’ve definitely lost out on possible hookups because Alcohol was around.

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7. Maybe because you and Alcohol make out a lot.

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8. Like, a lot a lot.

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9. Alcohol has met your friends.

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10. And your friends just love Alcohol.

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11. Alcohol has also met your coworkers.

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12. Actually, Alcohol was your date to the office Christmas party last year.

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13. And Alcohol is always your go-to wedding date.

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14. You pretty much hate going to any kind of social event without Alcohol.

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15. And Alcohol never ditches you at parties.

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16. You’re even considering asking Alcohol to come home with you for the holidays this year.

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17. You and Alcohol have known each other for a while now, you’re comfortable around one another.

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18. You’re past the awkward phase, you don’t have to worry about table manners anymore.

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19. When you guys go to the beach together, Alcohol doesn’t judge your one-piece bathing suit.

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20. Sometimes, you and Alcohol act like an old married couple. You’re totally fine with staying in and hanging out.

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21. And just like an old married couple, Alcohol keeps nagging you to go to the eye doctor.

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22. Alcohol has never asked you to do a trust fall, but if it did, you’d be down.

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23. Sometimes you have nightmares about a life without Alcohol.

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24. When you see Alcohol hanging out with other people without you, you get really jealous.

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25. But even when you and Alcohol get into fights, you always remember why you like hanging out so much.

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