10 Movie Drinking Games For Adults

You can’t play Kings at a fancy dinner party. But you can still get maturely messed up.

1. The Emperor’s New Freud (The Emperor’s New Groove)

RULES: Drink every time you’re attracted to the llama.

NOTE: You may also drink every time you remember the llama is actually Joe Dirt, and subsequently feel even worse about yourself.

USE FOR: Therapy sessions

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2. There Will Be LOL (There Will Be Blood)

RULES: Drink every time someone laughs inappropriately. If you’re in a self-destructive mood, fast forward to all the Paul Dano scenes.

NOTE: Everyone waterfalls during the “I drink your milkshake” scene.

USE FOR: Funeral receptions

ID: 1700766

3. I’m Not Hammered Enough (any movie with Nathan Fillion, i.e. Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Rules: Drink whenever Nathan Fillion’s character says something Captain Hammer would say.

NOTE: Bonus points/drinks if you can get drunk off watching Waitress.

USE FOR: Engagement parties, divorce parties

ID: 1700775

4. 13 Going On Thirsty (13 Going On 30)

Rules: Drink every time Mark Ruffalo makes a face like he’s about to turn into The Hulk and throw Jennifer Garner into space.

NOTE: Bonus drink to anyone who can successfully incorporate “HULK SMASH” into the dialogue of a scene.

USE FOR: Your niece’s birthday party, your brother’s bachelor party

ID: 1700789

5. The Little Shell Bra (The Little Mermaid)

Rules: Drink every time Ariel’s tiny little shell-bra should fall off but doesn’t because her boobs are Disney magicked.

NOTE: Everyone waterfalls during the (in)famous bra-to-the-breeze rock scene.

USE FOR: Your best friend’s baby shower

ID: 1700833

6. Titnic (Titanic)

Rules: Drink every time you find yourself accidentally staring at Rose’s ample bosom.

NOTE: Everyone waterfalls during the…well, you know, the scene.

*NOTE-NOTE: A variation on this game is “Sassy Bagpipes,” during which you drink every time Rose and Jack run around while lively bagpipes play in the background.

USE FOR: First date, or unintentional last date that ends with you coming out of the closet because you either looked at her boobs too much or not at all.

ID: 1700855

7. Drink Up (Up)

Rules: Drink every time you cry.

NOTE: You will be hammered two minutes in.

USE FOR: Existential crises, post-getting-fired binges

ID: 1700868

8. Avatanked (Avatar)

Rules: Drink whenever you see Sigourney Weaver and think of her wig in Galaxy Quest.

NOTE: You can balls-to-the-wall this game by also drinking whenever you see Zoe Saldana’s blue body and think of Center Stage.

USE FOR: Dinner parties with your friends from art school

ID: 1700875

9. Van Heldrink (Van Helsing)

Rules: Drink every time you realize you’re actually/accidentally watching Underworld. Or are you? Drink anyway.

USE FOR: Family reunions, Halloween parties with former college friends

ID: 1700892

10. Trainslurring (Trainspotting)

Rules: Drink every time you can’t understand what someone just said.

USE FOR: Suicide cults, and if you don’t belong to one, don’t ever play this drinking game, because it will end with you dying of alcohol poisoning.

ID: 1700896

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