12 Questions For Lil Kim’s Face

Please answer as honestly as you can.

1. First off, how are you doing today?

ID: 1387658

2. What are you made out of?

ID: 1387664

3. Do you move?

If so, to what capacity?

ID: 1387668

4. What is the climate like where you are from?

Is it cold? Does it have oxygen?

ID: 1387707

5. Did you once belong to an Asian woman?

ID: 1387672

6. At night when Lil Kim is sleeping, do you have your own set of dreams?

ID: 1387674

7. How did you even get here?

ID: 1387678

8. Do you believe in a God?

ID: 1387680

9. Are you a hologram?

ID: 1387691

10. What are you filled with?

ID: 1387694

11. What did Katy Perry do that one day she let you borrow her face?

Did you have to hurt her to get it?

ID: 1387700

12. Lastly, Why?

also, How?

ID: 1387696

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