101 Unsettling Cakes Shaped Like Babies

You’re having a new baby?! Congratulations!!! Let’s celebrate by ingesting a realistic representation of your newest family member! Some cake NSFW.

5. Is naked creepier or less creepy?

6. That’s not so bad…


9. Congratulations on the birth of your tiny man!

12. But what if you want everyone to eat their own individual baby?

18. Humanely drowned in icing.

19. There is also a huge trend of just butts.

28. This poor kid is still trying to fight it.

Relax. It will be over soon.


This one has a lobster on it…

31. Another trend is pregnant belly cakes.

34. Some have protruding belly buttons…

35. Some are more scantly clad…

39. Some are better than others…


This one could be a pregnant man.

46. And some have a baby desperately trying to free itself.

57. Too much cake? Have some candy!


Lying in a pool of it’s own white blood.

65. I wonder how these things are made…

67. I thought it might not be as offputting it if wasn’t as real looking. Turns out… it’s worse.


Feet bursting through his torso.

71. Sometimes they just bake around an already existing baby.

78. It only gets worse.Here are some “during the act” cakes.


His hands are IN THERE.


The standard birthing ice bath cake.

93. Let’s wrap this up!


I don’t even know how to explain this…

101. These cakes are in God’s hands now…

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