The 10 Best Celebrity Falls

HAHAHAHA (Nobody’s Perfect!)

10. Can you guess which Destiny’s Child star takes a spill?

Michelle, obviously!

ID: 955306

9. Robbie Williams

Thanks for the explanation dude, but no one asked.

ID: 955364

8. Taylor Swift

A+ recovery!

ID: 955351

7. Lady Gaga

At least she gets back up again.

ID: 955317

6. Chris Martin

Rolling around on the ground like you were meant to be there? Well played.

ID: 955338

5. Lil Wayne

Too much syzzurp + slippery stage = the weezy slide

ID: 955381

4. Steven Tyler

All those jumping jacks and spins really got to him.

ID: 955378

3. Rihanna

Is that Rihanna or Carrot Top?

ID: 955303

2. Fidel Castro

Even revolutionaries face plant.

ID: 955363

1. Juan Gabriel

He really messed up the Mexican 2-step.

ID: 955319

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