World, Meet The Effortless Squirrel Girl

This is too good. Let the photoshops begin!

Redditor AptMoniker just might have the coolest potential sister-in-law ever.

What else is The Effortless Squirrel Girl up to these days? Let’s find out…

ID: 230849

SamuraiSmurfette reports a number of sightings.

The other athletes gave their best, but in the end, they stood no chance against The Effortless Squirrel Girl.

ID: 230863

Tony might have to bring out the Hawk suit to properly duel The Effortless Squirrel Girl on this one.

ID: 230872

The Effortless Squirrel Girl got tired of being a mascot on the sidelines, stepped in, and won the game with a few bounds and a final touchdown.

ID: 230877

The Effortless Squirrel Girl didn’t even practice first.

ID: 231362

The Effortless Squirrel Girl shows Mario how it’s done.

ID: 231360

The Good Doctor invited The Effortless Squirrel Girl to tag along for a spell.

“All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?”

She said, “Take me to The Wire.”

An unknown party captured this tribute to an era past.

ID: 231037

Where have you seen The Effortless Squirrel Girl?

Use this handy transparency to get started (and maybe give the tabloids a new breaking story).

ID: 231041

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