25 Animals That Are Incredibly Proud Of Themselves

You might even say, too proud. It seems that some of these animals might be starting to get a bit of an ego…

1. “Do not mock the neckbeard, human. The neckbeard has warded off many teeth during this lifetime.”

ID: 279843

2. “I’m the direct descendant of a lion, you know.”

ID: 279878

3. “I may be among the last of my kind, but I will never bear the weight of a collar, or the humiliation of a master. Never will I wear a doggie sweater.”

ID: 279830

4. “This will be the single most important portrait you ever paint. Focus, human.”

ID: 280995

5. “That’s my cousin on TV. We’re all rooting for you out here, Rufus.”

ID: 280581

6. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m kind of a big deal in the states…”

ID: 280589

7. “I didn’t eat a tourist this month. Not even one.”

ID: 280600

8. “Yeah, you know, Skrillex and I go way back.”

ID: 280594

9. “My human serves me Fancy Feast every day. For I am Cat.”

ID: 280604

10. “That little Gecko in those commercials? I ate him.”

ID: 280613

11. “Winter is coming. And I’ll be ready when it does.”

ID: 280614

12. “The crocodile stood no chance. Take me to Lake Placid. I’ll end that one too.”

ID: 280623

13. ” I mean, come on. Just look at me.”

ID: 280635

14. “That puny hole you dug back there, human? I made it better.”

ID: 280659

15. “I can see Russia from my perch.”

ID: 280990

16. “Gosh, I’m just psyched to be here.”

ID: 280667

17. “Haters gonna hate. Can’t explain that.”

ID: 280738

18. “I did it! I graduated! Where’s the treat? Can I have the treat now?”

ID: 280733

19. “Not on my watch, pal.”

ID: 280991

20. “They said our love was impossible. That it wouldn’t last. They were wrong.”

ID: 280744

21. “Check it out. Puppy Calendar. Mister June.”

ID: 280742

22. “Dorothy would have never made it without me.”

ID: 280969

23. “So I can’t fly. Who cares? I am literally Royalty.”

ID: 281005

24. “My agent just called. I’m all set for War Horse 2. It’s going to directed by this guy named Michael Bay. You probably haven’t heard of him…”

ID: 281066

25. “Look, I just tossed my uncle off a burning cliff (thereby reclaiming my throne), then orchestrated a kingdom wide dance party, after which I sired a cub worthy of front page r/aww. Any questions?”

ID: 281047


Because lasers.

ID: 281080

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