10 Stunning Photos Of Lightning Striking San Francisco Last Night

If you’ve got friends on the West Coast, your Facebook news feed was likely submerged in status updates about the lightning and thunder Thursday night. Here are 10 astonishing photos of the storm in action over San Francisco.


Lightning striking the Bay Bridge, from the abc7newsBayArea Twitter.

ID: 230348

David Jones caught these two gorgeous, rain-swept photos of San Francisco’s lightning storm from his apartment window at The Paramount.

ID: 230329

Tom Robinson caught this impressive fish eye photo of lightning striking downtown San Francisco.

ID: 230357

This stunning photo from Phil McGrew comes from 3 separate 20 second exposures, and catches more lightning than you can wobble a stick at hitting the Bay Bridge.

ID: 230362

trophygeek caught this incredible photo of Sutro Tower being struck by lightning.

ID: 230429
Chris Blain / Via sfist.com

Chris Blain caught this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge being struck by lightning for the sfist.

ID: 230473

Fernando Ramirez caught these three gorgeous photos from his roof last night.

ID: 230481

The storm was so severe, it struck a plane bound for London last night, forcing it to return to SFO. No one was injured, but talk about a nightmare flight.

For those of you on the West Coast, if you have any stories or photos of last night’s thunderstorm, share them in the comments below!

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