What Sorority Life Is Really Like

It’s not all Greek to me.

1. How people think we handle Rush

ID: 1111897

What Rush is actually like

ID: 1111921

2. What people think Sisterhoods are like

ID: 1111939

What we actually do during Sisterhoods

ID: 1111972

Salsa. Hats. Food.

ID: 1111952

3. What people think we all look like

ID: 1111962

What we actually look like

ID: 1111977

Except when we dress up

ID: 1111985

Or down

ID: 1112015

4. How people think Big Sisters and Little Sisters act

ID: 1111989

How people actually act towards their Little Sisters

ID: 1111991

5. How people think we are ruled

ID: 1111995

How we are actually governed

“Guys just tell many any ideas you have!”

ID: 1111998

6. How we’re “supposed to” act around Frat guys

ID: 1112027

How we actually behave around frat guys

ID: 1112031

Pretend the Burger is the frat guy.

ID: 1112032

7. What we’re “supposed to” believe about other sororities

ID: 1112000

What we actually think

ID: 1112014

Other sororities are actually pretty cool

ID: 1112018

Are they as cool as us?

ID: 1112020


ID: 1112021

8. The truth of the matter is

ID: 1112022

Sorority girls aren’t that different from actual girls

ID: 1112023

The only difference is

ID: 1112026

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