The 21 Types Of People On Airplanes

It doesn’t matter where they’re going…they’re going to end up sitting next to you.

21. The Screaming Baby

ID: 1190027

20. The Apologetic Parents

“This is his first time flying.”

ID: 1190032

19. The Guy In The Window Seat That Constantly Has To Go To The Bathroom

ID: 1190037

18. The One Reading A Trashy Romance Novel

The airport bookstore overcharged…

ID: 1190042

17. The One That Just Said Good Bye To Their Lover

Please stop crying…

ID: 1190134

16. The Fat Guy Who Lifts Up the Armrest

ID: 1190151

15. The One That Never Stops Eating

Enjoy that $25 dollar sandwich.

ID: 1190155

14. The Creepy Old Guy That Tries to Talk To You

ID: 1190164

13. The Kid That Kicks The Back Of Your Seat

ID: 1190171

12. The One That’s Sort Of Famous

But not famous enough to have a private jet…

ID: 1190307

11. The Honeymooners

ID: 1190180

10. The One That Keeps Adjusting The Temperature

ID: 1190184

9. The One That Orders A $10 Alcoholic Drink

ID: 1190259

8. The One That’s Never Flown Before

ID: 1190217

7. The Sleeper

ID: 1190220

6. The Girl On The Way To Vegas/Cancun/New York

ID: 1190245

5. The Businessman

ID: 1190269

4. The Flight Attendants

ID: 1190299

3. The Person You Recognize

ID: 1190275

2. The One With A Connecting Flight

ID: 1190284

1. You

ID: 1190296

Obviously The Only Sane Person On The Flight

ID: 1190297

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