The 21 Stages Of Getting A Summer Job

It’s not that you’re unemployable…it just seems that way.

1. You start searching the internet for jobs…

What? There’s jobs on tumblr…and craigslist.

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2. You try to find good jobs that pay more than minimum wage and have little or no experience required…

There aren’t any.

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3. When you finally find a decent-looking job…you have to apply.

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4. And you have to create a resume…

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5. Which means fabricating work experience…

So is that one leadership camp…right?

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6. And finding skills…

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7. Because you definitely have many talents…

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8. You may even have to write a cover-letter…

I do not have any real work experience but I went to a leadership conference in the 10th grade and I have a 4.0 so I’m pretty sure I can take tickets or orders or whatever it is you do.
You should hire me.

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9. Meanwhile…all your friends are getting jobs.

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10. And your parents keep asking what’s taking so long…

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11. Finally, you get one interview…

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12. It’s probably on the phone…

When’s the last time you had an intelligent conversation on the phone?

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13. If you manage to make it through the interview without totally embarrassing yourself…they’ll call you.

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14. You’ll wait by the phone for days…

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15. Then you get tried of waiting…

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16. You call them up and confront them…

Or you at least wish you could…

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17. Then…they may offer you the job!

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18. Or make you come in for another interview…

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19. For a job you might not even get…or want.

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20. Just remember that there are plenty of other jobs you are overqualified for that also won’t hire you.

3 years of customer service experience required to scoop ice cream and run a cash register.

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21. Just keep looking!

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And with it…more jobs for all the broke ass college students of the world!

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