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  • The Five Types Of Neighbors You Should Hope You Never Live Next To

    Location, location, location, realtors will say. But that beautiful house in that fantastic location isn’t as beautiful and fantastic if you have obnoxious neighbors. Chances are at some point or another you’ve dealt with neighbors that were less than ideal, and it’s really no fun. Whether you’re renting or buying, make sure you scout out the area in hopes of avoiding living near any of these nasty neighbors.

    TedLevin 4 weeks ago respond

  • Six Outdoor Activities That Are Just Around The Corner

    While it’s clear that the winter of the snowpocalypse shows no signs of slowing down, one could reasonably assume that spring must be coming sooner than later. Sure, it’s still frigid in most of the country right now, but looking forward a few weeks (or months) the sun must come out eventually. While you sit by your fire sipping hot cocoa (in March), check out these six outdoor activities to get you pumped up for what should be a beautiful spring. Unless, of course, the snowpocalypse continues throughout the rest of the year.

    TedLevin 4 months ago respond

  • The 5 Greatest Modern Family Episodes Of All Time

    And you thought YOUR family was weird? Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television for the past five years, you’ve undoubtedly at least heard of Modern Family. With multiple Emmy wins for show/writing & actor performances, it’s now reached nearly iconic status in sitcom world. Recently entering syndication on the USA channel, it will undoubtedly continue to delight audiences for years to come with venues to watch Modern Family online. It’s still going strong - alive and kicking as of this writing, though, so don’t forget to catch the current episodes each week. This show is so good, it’s more than a hard call to list only 5 of the Best Episodes, but here’s one of the best attempts you’ll ever read.

    TedLevin 4 months ago respond

  • 5 Staircases MC Escher Would Be Proud Of

    When searching for a new home has this thought ever crossed your mind, “I can’t stand the ugly and cramped staircases”? At least the architects and builders remembered the staircases, right? You may want to stop yourself from running down any these artistic stairway creations that might make the mad graphic artist himself, MC Escher, jealous. When searching for the next home renovation, forget about adding granite counter tops to the kitchen and reform your home’s Feng Shui with these modern masterpieces.

    TedLevin 5 months ago respond

  • 6 People You Probably Should Not Invite On A Hunting Trip

    There are always those friends you believe belong in real life version of The Most Dangerous Game. Perhaps that same buddy would have won the Hunger Games against Katniss and Peeta if such a tale was reality. So when you’re planning a hunting trip with a few friends, those other individuals don’t necessarily receive an open invitation. So when packing for your next duck, Yukon moose, whitetail deer, or even bear hunt, these select few men shouldn’t make it on the guest list. Pack your guns, crossbows, stock up on ammo from Calibersnm.com, but do not hunt when these men are nearby.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • Five Little White Lies That Men Tell Women

    He may be Mr. Right for you, but don’t believe he’s Honest Abe for a second. Every man lies. Even if it’s a small fib or a tall tale, he’s got an ability to spin the truth. Look out for these common little lies men are apt to tell.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • 8 Ways The Bride Goes Overboard When Planning The Wedding

    You can’t fight the bride when she’s planning the wedding. Men, it’s understandable if you want to sit back, relax, and watch football while she does all the planning with her mom, sisters, friends, and the wedding planner. Unfortunately that’s not the case. But look out for these potential situations or indicators that the bride-to-be may need a timeout.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • Seven Lessons We Learned From The Greatest Boss In The History Of Television

    When Michael Scott left Scranton in season seven of The Office, television lost arguably one of the greatest bosses of all time. Full of cheer and wisdom, Michael Scott often times seemed more like a scholar than a boss, and it was clear that those working around him in the office benefited. Michael Scott taught us a lot about the world, from his lessons on life to his views on love. And while he no longer is appearing on Direct TV sets across the world, his lessons remain learned.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • Zombie Apocalypse Photography 101

    Ever want to capture that perfect moment? Those first steps of an un-dead baby. The warm growl of a zombified loved one perhaps. This infographic will help take your zombie photography to a whole new level. Dead or alive.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • An End Of The Year Wrap Up: This Year’s Best Rated TV Shows

    We are currently in a golden age of television entertainment; almost every type of show imaginable is available for viewing, and the quality of programming is incredible. It used to be if you missed a show and forgot to tape it, you were out of luck until it went into syndication. Now, there are many cable TV deals that come with recording functionality and on-demand access to your favorite shows. Speaking of favorite shows, here are the six top-rated shows from 2013.

    TedLevin 6 months ago respond

  • Top 10 Fantastic Things About Winter’s Arrival

    With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the last remaining remnants of fall are gone and winter is essentially all upon us. While winter might not officially start until December 21st, just taking a glance at the temperature will assure you that winter is in fact here. Check out this countdown of the top ten things about winter’s arrival, and add your thoughts in the comments if you agree or disagree.

    TedLevin 7 months ago 1 response

  • Six Winter Sports That You Probably Won’t See At Sochi

    With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, spectators around the world are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch the best bobsledders, snowboarders, and even curlers compete for their countries. It’s an exciting event, and one that will capture the hearts and soles of many. Sure, all the “generic” winter sports are great and all, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the Winter Olympics added some variety? Check out these six winter sports that you probably won’t see at this year’s Winter Olympics.

    TedLevin 7 months ago 2 responses

  • 5 Weird Instruments That You Should Learn How To Play

    Everybody plays the guitar or the piano. But how many people that you know play the sitar or the harpitar? Chances are, probably not that many. That’s why you should be the first of your friends to learn to play one of these five weird instruments (given you can even find them. Hint, check eBay). Chances are you’ll be the coolest person on your block if you can strum a nano guitar.

    TedLevin 8 months ago respond

  • Six Extreme Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

    Sure, BMX and heli-skiing are cool and all, but is it as cool as shark-parasailing? Okay, shark-parasailing isn’t a real extreme sport, but these six sports are, and they’re awesome. Check out these six extreme sports that you may not have ever heard of, and get out and try one this weekend.

    TedLevin 8 months ago respond

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