30 Animals Who Look Like They Had A Wild Night

Humans aren’t the only ones who know how to have a good time. Someone get these guys some aspirin, stat! If you want to see more fluffy animals going off the rails, check out Ted, now playing in theaters.

1. This polar bear who had way too much fun with Ted

2. This giraffe who feels totally brain dead right now

3. This wild cat who woke up on the wrong side of the bed

4. This squirrel who’s having a bit of the hair of the dog

5. This cat who thinks it’s waaay too bright out, guys

6. This bear who just read his texts from last night

7. This owl who’s trying to remember where she put her keys

8. This cat who danced all night long

9. This dog who found out what it really means to party like a rock star

10. This cow who doesn’t want you to comment on her bad hair day

11. This cat who shouldn’t have had that last round of shots

12. This owl who danced on the bar in front of everyone

13. This dog who just can’t

14. This orangutan who has a splitting headache

15. This bulldog who usually never drinks rum, he swears

16. This walrus who can’t believe he tried to kiss his roommate last night

17. This lemur who just realized how many beers he drank

18. These cats who are so glad they didn’t try to drive home last night

19. These hippos who are so hungry but…can’t…move…

20. This panda who got locked out of her apartment

21. This gorilla who ate an entire pizza when he got home

22. This tiny middle mouse who couldn’t keep up with her wild friends

23. This lemur who wants to know what you’re looking at, dude

24. This interspecies cuddle puddle who just met at kegger last night

25. This camel who doesn’t care if it’s not Christmas yet, he had tons of fun

26. This elephant who swears he is never drinking again, ever

27. This hamster who has no recollection of where he got this sombrero

28. This cat who doesn’t wanna talk about it

29. This armadillo who’s still going hard cause sleep is for pussies

30. This foursome that they can’t believe happened

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