20 Celebrities And Their Favorite Toys

Did you ever have that one toy that could never leave your side? So did these celebrities, and some of them still keep the toys around! Luckily, the toys aren’t talking, and they don’t give advice like Mark Wahlberg’s teddy bear in the the movie Ted, now playing in theaters.

1. Carrie Underwood - Stuffed Teddy and Lion

Carrie Underwood takes a stuffed teddy bear and lion with her when she goes on tour. It reminds her of her home in Oklahoma.

2. J-woww - Stuffed Dinosaur

Jenni still has her stuffed dinosaur from The Land Before Time. She called it her “Diney.”

3. Lindsay Lohan - Glo Worm

Could you imagine if this Glo Worm could talk to Lindsay now? She’d probably have a better time sleeping!

4. John Travolta - Toy Airplane

John’s favorite toy even had a little stewardess at the door. Adult John is now a certified pilot!

5. Angelina Jolie - Cabbage Patch Kids

Angelina Jolie collected the dolls as a kid. I wonder if her kids play with them?

6. Zooey Deschanel - Nintendo

Zooey was obsessed with playing Zelda.

7. James Franco - Lite Brite

Woody Harrelson and Snoop Doggy Dog also enjoyed playing with this toy.

8. Hayley Hasselhoff - Easybake Oven

Hayley liked making cupcakes the best because she liked decorating them with sprinkles.

9. George Takei - My Little Pony

Takei isn’t afraid to admit he had My Little Pony toys.

10. Pauly D - Big Wheel Trike

Pauly D calls his childhood Big Wheel “sick.”

11. Ryan Seacrest - Super Soaker

Ryan Seacrest (and even Joe Biden) love water guns!

12. Shaun White - Skateboard

Shaun actually stole the skateboard from his brother!

13. Mark Zuckerberg - Rubix Cube

Other famous people who enjoyed playing with the Rubix cube are Barack Obama and Bill Belichick.

14. The Situation - Matchbox Cars

The Situation was always into sports, so Matchbox Cars were his playtime go to.

15. Sarah McLachlan - Pound Puppies

And now she sings for commercials about adopting rescue animals!

16. Jessica Simpson - Play Doh

Jessica will probably have her new baby play with Play Doh too when the time comes!

17. Snooki - Portable CD Player

Snooki listened to the Spice Girls and N’Sync on her CD player.

18. Mike Tyson - He Man and She-Ra Action Figures

Did you know that OJ Simpson and Martha Stewart played with these action figures too?

19. Vinny - Marionette Puppets

Vinny liked all kinds of puppets, but he was really drawn to the marionettes for some reason!

20. Alyson Hannigan - Legos

She also liked Hot Wheels and Barbies.

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