10 Ways You Can Still Bet On College Basketball

So, you had Georgetown beating Gonzaga in the Finals. Oops. Here are a few ways you can still lose some money and pride this March. Or just throw in the tournament towel and focus on Season 2 of Men At Work, premiering TONIGHT 4/4 AT 10/9c ON TBS.

1. How many times will Dickie V say “BABY” during halftime?

Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT

We’re setting the over/under at 3

ID: 1005126

2. Animals VS People: Who will be better represented in the Final Four?

Kevin C. Cox, Reuters / Robert Galbraith / Getty Images
ID: 1005811

3. We haven’t had a stormed court yet, which school will have the first student section to hit the floor?

Lance King / Getty Images
ID: 1005255

4. Who will sing the National Anthem at the National Championship?

Isaac Brekken / AP

Anyone else pulling for Sugar Ray?

ID: 1005289

5. Big Heads VS Morph Suits: Pick a side. See who can spot more during a half.

Doug McSchooler, Getty / Justin Edmonds / AP
ID: 1005480

6. Which mascot will be the first to appear in the time-honored post-madness tradition, “One Shining Moment”?

Isaac Brekken / AP
ID: 1005355

7. How many times, during any given game, will someone hate on Duke?

Gerry Broome, File / AP

Over/Under set at 3

ID: 1005614

8. Beer VS Cars: Which commercials will appear more often during halftime?

ID: 1005721

9. Which color, from below, won’t be featured on any jersey of the Final Four?

If you picked indigo, you automatically lose.

ID: 1005652

10. Which matchup will be the first overtime game of the tournament?

Richard Berg / Via Flickr: richardberg
ID: 1005797

Inspired by Men At Work

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