Watch Two Iranian Girls Crash Their Car While Singing For A Selfie Video

A lesson in why you shouldn’t make karaoke selfies while driving.

1. A widely-shared video shows two Iranian women recording a karaoke session in a car moments before it crashed.

ID: 2999339

2. At one point, the driver takes her hands off the steering wheel to make a heart as she sings.

ID: 2991964

3. The driver’s eyes are barely on the road as both women sing an Iranian pop song called “Ghorboni.”

ID: 2991981

4. Seconds later, the car crashes, the airbag activates, and the women scream.

ID: 2992010

5. The two were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. They uploaded the video of the crash and a photo of themselves from their hospital beds so that people would know they were safe.

The girls are reportedly recovering well.

ID: 2992112

6. Don’t do this. Just don’t.

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7. h/t Daily Mail

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