Palestinian Family Lives In A Cave After Their House In Jerusalem Is Demolished

The family of seven, including five children, moved to a cave that used to be their stable, reports the Associated Press.

1. Khalid Zir, his wife and five children live in a cave after their tin hut was demolished by Israeli authorities.

Sebastian Scheiner / AP
ID: 1563578

2. Zir’s family were living in a makeshift shack in an eastern Jerusalem neighborhood. Their shack was demolished by Israel authorities who said it was built without permits.

Sebastian Scheiner / AP
ID: 1563579

3. Zir, a 39-year-old maintenance worker told the AP: “My house was demolished, and I was obliged to live here because I did not have any place to go to.”

Sebastian Scheiner / AP

“I wanted to rent a house but there are no houses here for rent, because there are no licenses for us Arabs to build,” said Zir.

ID: 1563580

4. Zir has moved some furniture, a refrigerator and a television into the cave.

Sebastian Scheiner / AP
ID: 1563581

5. This year, around 80 people have been left homeless after 30 Arab homes were demolished in east Jerusalem, according to an Israeli human rights group.

ID: 1563710

6. Israeli authorities say these homes are constructed without the required permits.

ABBAS MOMANI / Getty Images
ID: 1563748

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