This ’90s Bollywood Exercise Song Is Your New Workout Anthem

“You wanna? We wanna! YOU WANNNAAA??? WE WANNAAAA!!!”

1. This is the “Exercise” song from a 90s Bollywood movie called Prem Aggan. It is THE fitness anthem you’ve been waiting for all your life.

ID: 3452848

2. It poses a pertinent question…

ID: 3453064

3. And provides a succinct answer.

ID: 3453088

4. It sheds valuable insights about exercising.

ID: 3453016

5. It demonstrates some killer upper body and pelvic strengthening moves.

ID: 3453222

6. It teaches you how to breathe and be sexy at the same time.

ID: 3453155

7. So to win at life, girls and boys, just…


ID: 3453186

8. For a thorough analysis of this brilliant song and its accompanying movie Prem Aggan, please click play:

ID: 3459795

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