More Than 40 People Killed During Violent Clashes In Ukraine’s Odessa

Updated: At least 40 people werekilled, most caught in a building fire, as Ukrainian government supporters battled with pro-Russians in the port city of Odessa.

UPDATED — May 2, 6:40 p.m. ET:

More than 40 people were killed Friday, most of them caught in a building fire, during clashes between pro-Russian and Ukrainian government supporters in Odessa, Reuters reported.

STRINGER / Reuters / Landov

STRINGER / Reuters /Landov

This video shows scenes from the burning building:

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At least four others killed and 174 injured when the two sides battled against each other on the streets of the port city.

A Ukrainian government supporter carries stones during a clash with pro-Russians in Odessa on May 2. AP Photo/Sergei Poliakov

Odessa, a city on the Black Sea some 330 miles from the turmoil in the east, had remained largely untroubled by unrest since the February toppling of pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych.

Scenes from Deribasovskaya street in Odessa.

According to reports, the violence began when marchers calling for Ukrainian national unity clashed with a pro-Russia group said to be comprised of fans of the local soccer team.

A Ukrainian government supporter holds a stone and a stick during the battles. AP Photo/Sergei Poliakov

STRINGER / Reuters /Landov

Thousands of protestors threw Molotov cocktails and stones dismantled from the pavements at one another.

AP Photo/Sergei Poliakov

Once fire engines and ambulances arrived, the fire in the trade union building was put out and pro-Russian protestors were dragged out by the police and treated for wounds before being loaded into police vans, Amos reported.

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