15 Of The Most Ridiculous English Words Censored On Indian Television

You can rot in “inferno.”

The English subtitles for American and British TV content broadcast on Indian channels are subject to ridiculous self-censorship for fear of a government crackdown.

The channels often replace words that might be considered offensive with politically correct substitutes. The results are hilarious.

Here’s our take on how popular shows and movies would look with actual words censored in India.

1. Hell = Inferno


2. Bitch = Harlot


3. Bitch = Woman


Today, during 'Clash of the titans' on HBO, the subtitles substituted the word 'bitch' with 'woman'...disturbing on so many levels! #shame

— Actor_Siddharth (@Siddharth)

4. Sex = Gender


HBO is replacing the word sex with gender in subtitles. Hilarious lines.

— msnarain (@msnarain)

5. Jesus = God


Subtitles on HBO display the word "God" for "Jesus". I am missing the logic behind this.

— alsiladka (@Yash)

6. N-word = Black


Watching hangover 2 on HBO .. Subtitles just said "black please" .. Used black for the n word .. Amazing

— Jaiplaysdrums (@Jai Row Kavi)

7. Breast = Chest


Watching a movie on Hbo India. Two women talking about babies and breast feeding. The subtitles showed 'chest' for 'breast'. #wtf. Conserved

— TheDictatorMonk (@Jatin Arora)

8. Lesbian/Gay = Queer


HBO subtitles (Mean Girls is on) just adjusted "lesbian" to "queer". Not sure how I feel about this.

— ActuallyAisha (@Aisha)

Hey Mr. Subtitles Guy at #HBO, does replacing 'gay' with 'queer' make it better?

— namchu (@namchu)

9. Shit = Jerk


She says "I'm tired of your shit", and the HBO subtitles say "I'm tired of your jerk." Censorship is the shit, err jerk.

— amreekandesi (@Amreekan Desi)

10. Panties/Underpants/Pantyhose = Short Pants/Pants


So HBO, panties and underpants become 'short pants' in your subtitles,but thongs stay thongs?

— slckrqn (@L)

11. Horny = In passion


HBO subtitles translate "I'm horny" to "I'm in passion". Because people who can't hear don't need to be corrupted by words like horny.

— mycrotchetyluv (@Gladys Balakrishnan)

12. Vagina = ******


So starworld will use ****** in their subtitles for the word vagina but they forgot to beep it out. Was it because charlie sheen said it?

— suku06 (@Stormborn)

13. Nipple = ******


Bahahahah Star World just censored 'nipple' in subtitles of Friends. #repeatedfacepalm

— MystiquePai (@The Pai)

14. Cocaine = *******

So the subtitles on Castle don't have the word 'cocaine' but it's not beeped out in the spoken dialogue #StarWorld

— karishmau (@Lady K)

15. Beef = ****


The Firstpost reported:

One incident turned an episode of Friends into a legend of unwatchable TV. The show hinged on the gag that two pages in a cookbook got stuck together and the character Rachel mistakenly made a fruit pastry with beef. The station bleeped out the word “beef,” a show of sensitivity for Hindus’ reverence for cows, leaving viewers to guess why her diners were so disgusted.

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