This Artist Uses The Human Body As A Canvas For His Black Light Art

See the world in a whole new light.

1. John Poppleton uses UV body paint to create scenes of nature and space, and then brings them to life under a black light.

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

Black lights emit UV rays that aren’t visible to the human eye. UV paint on the other hand contains phosphors that glow when illuminated by black light’s UV frequency.

2. Poppleton told BuzzFeed, “It actually started out as just black light photography.”

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

3. “Black light and UV-reactive paints make the painting become the light source, thereby making it look realistic.”

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

4. “Painting a sunset, for example, under black light is like witnessing a real sunset,” said Poppleton.

John Poppleton

5. “You’re literally painting with light, and when that painting is on a person, it’s as if the light is inside of them shining out.”

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

6. While his work mostly features nature and the cosmos, he’s also explored other themes.

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

7. Here’s a glimpse into his technique:

John Poppleton / Via

8. And the finished product!

John Poppleton / Via Facebook: JohnPoppletonUVArt

9. You can head over to Poppleton’s Facebook page to check out more of his work.

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