25 Students Who Put The “Cool” In School

Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.

1. This poet’s defense of bathroom stall graffiti.

ID: 3533494

2. This kid’s reasonable excuse for being late.

ID: 3538507

3. This kid who decided to spruce up his winter attire.

ID: 3533540

4. This future physicist.

ID: 3533789

5. This art student that has explicit instructions for you.

ID: 3533760

6. This frat kid’s very valid question.

ID: 3538400

7. This engineer of puns.

ID: 3540805

8. This student’s scholastic abilities.

ID: 3538813

9. This student’s new bathroom pet.

ID: 3538424

10. This artist’s minimalist approach to mission statements.

ID: 3533806

11. This kid who got to have his shirt and wear it too.

ID: 3538566

12. This advertising student’s strategy.

Tasmai Uppin / BuzzFeed
ID: 3538867

13. This new-age relationship guru.

ID: 3539290

14. These budding artists who are thrilled for roll call.

ID: 3538922

15. The genius who solved his cold lunch troubles.

ID: 3539018

16. And this hungry student’s solution to waiting in line.

ID: 3540626

17. This muggle’s response to a flooded bathroom.

ID: 3539030

18. The LOTR student who’s clearly studying under Gandalf.

ID: 3539259

19. This concerned kid’s warning to all humans.

ID: 3539281

20. This aspiring advertising professional.

ID: 3539890

21. This kid who really knows how to unwind between classes.

ID: 3539938

22. This young ‘un’s enlightening art.

Julie Maresco / BuzzFeed
ID: 3539879

23. This kid’s very real expectations.

ID: 3540046

24. This math pundit taking a break from crunching numbers.

ID: 3541443

25. This music student who excels in puns.

ID: 3541514

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