This 6-Year-Old Boy Was Able To Hug His Mom Thanks To An Awesome 3D-Printed Arm

…And the generosity of some very enterprising engineering students.

1. Alex Pring, a 6-year-old of Groveland, Florida, was born without a right forearm.

Katie Manero / Via
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2. Albert Manero, an aerospace engineering student at University of Florida, together with his team, was able to create this 3D prosthetic arm for the little boy.

Katie Manero / Via

Katie Manero / Via

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3. “We were inspired by the group in South Africa who started the project (Robohand),” Manero told BuzzFeed.

Katie Manero / Via

Katie Manero / Via

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4. According to 3DPRINT, it is the world’s first 3D printed myoelectric arm. It also cost $350 to create.

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5. Here’s Alex getting fitted for his arm. That smile says it all.

Katie Manero / Via
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6. “Alex was amazing,” Manero said. “He is so adaptive, that within minutes he was able to use the arm to pick up a rubber duck.”

Katie Manero / Via
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7. Alex’s parents and the team that made it all happen!

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8. “Shortly after, he learned he could throw a ball with the arm as well,” Manero said. “We were all so moved to see him learn and grow, and to watch his confidence take off.”

Katie Manero / Via
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9. Here’s Albert Manero with Alex Pring and his new arm.

Katie Manero / Via
ID: 3483776

10. And finally, here’s Alex hugging his mom with both arms.

Katie Manero / Via
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11. Awww

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