These Are The Hidden, Hilarious Easter Eggs In Spotify App Updates

Stranger than fiction? Probably.

1. Spotify has been secretly and silently injecting some fun into their app update copy. In fact at the bottom of almost every update they include a small little easter egg.

Tasmai Uppin / Via Spotify App
ID: 3575003

2. Here are some of the funniest selections:

ID: 3575112
simazoran / Via Thinkstock
ID: 3575199
Jianqiu / Via Thinkstock /
ID: 3575837
tarczas / Via Thinkstock
ID: 3576721
Buccina Studios / Via Thinkstock
ID: 3577196
Warner Bros. Animation / Via
ID: 3578119

if you want to see them all for yourselves, you can go into the “App Store” app, select the app you’d like to view. Then, on the app page, scroll all the way to the bottom and select version history. VOILA!

ID: 3578422

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