22 Times Ellen DeGeneres Completely Owned #ThrowbackThursday

NO ONE does it better than Ellen D.

1. That time when she was Wonder Woman and saved the world from a lifetime of boring daytime TV.

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2. And when she chased waterfalls with TLC.

ID: 3480912

3. There was that time she teamed up with Baywatch lifeguards to keep the oceans safe.

ID: 3480926

4. And that time she tried to make fetch happen.

ID: 3480937

5. Remember when she tried to make Goose insanely jealous?

ID: 3480946

6. Or that time when she joined Dorothy on a journey of self-discovery?

ID: 3481063

7. Let’s not forget that time she officiated Kanye and Kim’s wedding, but you didn’t notice cause it was Kanye and Kim.

ID: 3481097

8. There was also that time when she was a charming, funny, flight attendant.

ID: 3481101

9. And that moment when she made you wish she was your step-mom.

ID: 3481112

10. That time when she stood tall amongst a random assortment of legends.

ID: 3481118

11. And when she literally lived on a prayer.

ID: 3481199

12. That time she was Ginger DeGeneres in Gilliagan’s Island.

ID: 3481176

13. Oh and remember when she bought sexy back?

ID: 3481239

14. Or when she made you wish your girlfriend was hot like her.

ID: 3481314

15. There’s that time she invited you to come and knock on her door.

ID: 3481340

16. That time she took one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind.

ID: 3481367

17. Or when she showed us how to take a good, old-timey yearbook photo.

ID: 3481429

18. Let’s not forget that time she ran, ran so far away with a “Flock of Seagulls.”

ID: 3481413

19. And when she ran some more on the beach in slow-motion.

ID: 3481433

20. There was that time she made it hard for you to say, “Baby Bye, Bye, Bye…”

ID: 3481437

21. She also basically proved that her body was “…too bootylicious for ya babe.”

ID: 3481439

22. Best of all was that time when she showed Prince Harry a whole new world.

ID: 3481467

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