24 Ways To Channel Your Emojis In Style

Don’t keep your emojis to yourself lest you burst, share it with the world!

1. For when you’re on an emoji-nal roller coaster.

Get it here.

ID: 3126901

2. For when you’re “Drunk in Love” and want to ear-worm people.

Can’t stop singing “Surfboard” now can you?

Get it here.

ID: 3125889

3. For when you come in peace and you don’t want to see, hear, or speak any kind of evil!


Available here and here.

ID: 3126487

4. For when you’re too cool for school (among other things).

Get it before it runs out, here.

ID: 3126934

5. For when you feel flirty…


…flirt with your sweatshirt or put a bow on it.

ID: 3126556

6. For when you’re into someone and you don’t know how to tell them.


Don’t say it, wear it! Buy them here.

ID: 3125519

7. For when you want the world to know that you are taken…

… because changing your relationship status on Facebook isn’t enough.

Buy it here.

ID: 3125810

8. For when it’s sexy time. *wink wink*

TomorrowTs / Via

You know you want it… so just go get it already!

ID: 3099441

9. For when you are not impressed.

SnowsApparel / Via

Find it here.

ID: 3099460

10. For when you forgot to flush the toilet and you needed to explain it.

ID: 3128051

11. For why you’re a vegan/vegetarian.

Stop with the questions! Please refer to my shirt.

ID: 3099600

12. For when you think it’s high time someone brought Whitney Houston’s song into the 21st century.

TeesAndTankYouShop / Via

Remember Whitney’s song So Emotional? You can buy it here.

ID: 3099426

13. For when you want to dazzle the world!

KingSophiesWorld / Via
ID: 3099388

14. For when you don’t even care enough to make any sense whatsoever.

ID: 3128257

15. For when you want to convey your shock of seeing a ghost…

…while keeping warm. Get it here.

ID: 3126789

16. For when you have a lot of emojis and feelings about socks.


Available here, here, and here.

ID: 3100854

17. For when you want people to talk to the hand.

SokayDesigns / Via

These nail decals can do the talking for you!

ID: 3100993

18. For when you have a great poop and you want the people you live with to know that!

You can buy this throw-pillow here.

ID: 3065083

19. For when you want to share your great poop experience with EVERYONE.

This may come with a steep price tag but there is no better way to segue into your great poop story than to wear the epitome of luxury + irony on your feet. You can buy this frightfully expensive pair of loafers here.

You can find a cheaper option here. or just grab your artistically talented friend and make them draw the poop emojis on your shoes!

ID: 3124693

20. For when you don’t feel like wearing your emojis but would like to carry them around with you.


Buy it here, here, and here.

ID: 3126543

21. For when you need your emojis to keep you warm at night.

Find it here.

ID: 3127879

22. For when you want to share the story of your everyday life but don’t like the “talk” part.

The Awesomer / Via

Purchase here.

ID: 3127903

23. For when you need to drink your emojis away.

Available here.

ID: 3128729

24. For when you are particularly overcome with emojis.


Just wear all your emojis at once! You can buy them here, here, and here.

ID: 3100844

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