19 Funny & Festive Etsy Christmas Cards

Trying to find something a little more unique for your friends and loved ones this year than the typical grocery store card? Look no further!

1. Letterpress Custom/Personalized Christmas Card Set

seabornpress / Via

$80.00-$110.00 at seabornpress

2. “Santa Hates You.” Fold Out Christmas Humor Card


$5.00 at FINCHandHARE

3. ‘Tis the season Naughty Christmas Card

RowHouse14 / Via

$4.00 at RowHouse14

4. Animal Pun Christmas Cards

ClaireLordonDesign / Via

$18.00 at ClaireLordonDesign

5. Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Christmas Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

6. “Nailed It” Humorous Christmas Card

JulieAnnArt / Via

$4.00 at JulieAnnArt

7. Happy Holidays (to girl) Funny Christmas Card

myjuly / Via

$4.00 at myjuly

8. Grumpy Cat Sarcastic Merry Christmas Card

AfternoonCoffee / Via

$24.00 at AfternoonCoffee

9. Warmest Holiday Wishes Card

PeraPress / Via

$4.00 at PeraPress

10. Merry Effing Christmas Card

CheekyKumquat / Via

$4.00 at CheekyKumquat

11. All I Want For Christmas is Your CUTE BUTT Christmas Card

RowHouse14 / Via

$4.00 at RowHouse14

12. All I Want For Christmas Is You Lino Block Print Christmas Card

myartcreations / Via

$6.13 at myartcreations

13. Let it Snow Chalkboard Typography Greeting Card (set of 8)

LilyandVal / Via

$20.00 at LilyandVal

14. Not Sent From My iPhone Christmas Card (set of 5)

RedLetterPaperCo / Via

$15.95 at RedLetterPaperCo

15. Nerdy Text Santa Claus Christmas Card

TrumpCards / Via

$4.00 at TrumpCards

16. Christmas Pudding and Christmas Tree Cards (set of 6)

kekekaka / Via

$11.00 at kekekaka

17. When I Think About You I Touch My Elf Funny Christmas Card

sylvannest / Via

$4.77 at sylvannest

18. Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Funny Christmas Card (set of 4)

DedLegPress / Via

$16.00 at DedLegPress

19. What Does The Fox Say? Christmas Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

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