17 Must-Have Studio Ghibli Gifts

To commemorate Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, here’s a compilation of great mostly fan-made Studio Ghibli treasures. From Totoro to Spirited Away, these would make any Ghibli enthusiast’s day.

1. Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle Minimalist Posters (set of 3)

OurBrokenHouse / Via etsy.com

$47.76 + Free Shipping at OurBrokenHouse

ID: 2028544

2. Ponyo Illustration Art Print

TeacupPiranha / Via etsy.com

$8.33-$23.31 at TeacupPiranha

ID: 2028557

3. My Neighbor Totoro Pinback Button Set/Pack

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$5.50 at Turtle’s Soup

ID: 2028572

4. Big Totoro Sleeping Bag

Amazon / Via amazon.com

$97.00 at Amazon

ID: 2028578

5. Spirited Away No Face Neck Tie

magicbeanbuyer / Via etsy.com

$30.00 at magicbeanbuyer

ID: 2028585

6. Howl’s Moving Castle Markel and Turnip Head Print on an Upcycled Bookpage

PrudencePrint / Via etsy.com

$9.00-$12.00 at PrudencePrint

ID: 2028592

7. Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Cat Japanese Rubber Stamp

worldofkawaii / Via etsy.com

$4.95 at worldofkawaii

ID: 2028644

8. My Neighbor Totoro Santa Christmas Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

ID: 2028651

9. Miyazaki Collection Gift Tags (set of 12)

AlleyArtandPhoto / Via etsy.com

$4.00 at AlleyArtandPhoto

ID: 2028654

10. Susuwatari Soot Sprite Plushie

amiamour / Via etsy.com

$7.00 at amiamour

ID: 2028677

11. Antique Style Glass Dome Totoro Necklace

NerdyTreats / Via etsy.com

$15.00 at NerdyTreats

ID: 2028700

12. Princess Mononoke Hand Made Moleskine Journal

ldamarysl / Via etsy.com

$18.00 at ldamarysl

ID: 2028706

13. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Stained Glass Style Movie Poster

TheGeekerie / Via etsy.com

$19.00 at TheGeekerie

ID: 2028718

14. Ponyo Watercolor iPhone Case

Foreverwars / Via society6.com

$35.00 at Foreverwars

ID: 2028724

15. Ghibli 2 Inspiration Tote Bag

Freak Shop / Via society6.com

$18.00-$24.00 at Freak Shop

ID: 2028740

16. Totoro Felt iPad / iPad Mini Case

yummypocket / Via etsy.com

$35.00 at yummypocket

ID: 2028751

17. Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki Films) Inspired Cookies with Royal Icing

TeaAndCuriosity / Via etsy.com

$21.30 at TeaAndCuriosity

ID: 2028810

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