16 Heavenly Cheese And Chocolate Fondues

Melted Chocolate + Melted Cheese = key to the universe.

1. Beer Cheese Fondue

Cheddar + Beer. Recipe here.

2. Mexican Chocolate Fondue

Mexican Chocolate + Cinnamon + Coffee Flavored Liqueur. Recipe here.

3. Classic Party Fondue

Raclette + Comté + Gruyère + Nutmeg. Recipe here.

4. Dark Chocolate Coconut Rum Fondue

Chocolate + Toasted Coconut + Rum. Recipe here.

5. Cheesy Roasted Jalapeño Fondue

Cheddar + Pepper Jack + Jalapeños + Paprika. Recipe here.

6. Chocolate and Cherry Liqueur Fondue

Chocolate + Cherry Liqueur + Doughnut Holes + Maraschino Cherries. Recipe here.

7. Fondue au Crémant (Fondue and Sparkling Wine)

Gruyère + Appenzeller + White Sparkling Wine. Recipe here.

8. Toasted Marshmallow, Charred Bread, Banana Sticks, and Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate + Marshmallow + Bananas + Bourbon (optional). Recipe here.

9. Moitié-Moitié Swiss Fondue

Gruyère + Emmenthal + Kirsch (Optional). David Lebovitz’s recipe (via Jenn ) here.

10. Easy Chocolate and Honey Fondue

Chocolate + Honey. Recipe here.

11. Gruyère and Cider Fondue

Gruyère + Cider + Calvados. Recipe here.

12. Chocolate Fondue with Cardamom and Orange Liqueur

Chocolate + Cardomom + Orange Liqueur. Recipe here.

13. Dubliner Fondue

Dubliner + Beer + Mustard. Recipe here.

14. Dark Chocolate Kahlúa Fondue

Chocolate + Kahlúa + Cayenne + Cinnamon. Recipe here.

15. Camembert Fondue

Camembert + Olive Oil + Thyme + Rosemary. Bake Camembert in its box for an added rustic effect. Recipe here.

16. Peanut Butter Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Nutella. Recipe here.

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