25 Clever Ways To Feed Your Inner Geek

Don’t starve the Pac-Man in you.

1. Have Dark Side toast.

License 2 Play

Get it here.

ID: 2735668

2. Drink from a mug that uses a computer to keep your coffee warm.

Meet the iCup.

ID: 2735693

3. Pack “Chewy” noodles for lunch.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

ID: 2735673

4. Eat some Microsoft Windows sushi…

Does Apple eat Microsoft sushi for lunch?

ID: 2735680

5. …with light saber chopsticks.

Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.

Get it here.

ID: 2759595

6. Order pizza from a futuristic touch-screen table.

Pizza Hut /

Pizza Hut is testing a table that lets you customize orders on a giant touchscreen. Minority Report, much?

ID: 2735696

7. Make a superhero-themed pizza.

Captain America needs pizza, too.

ID: 2735664

8. Or make the best pizza everrr.

Here’s how.

ID: 2777273

9. Just make sure every slice is precise.


Get Pi Pizza Cutter here.

ID: 2768267

10. Express your love by giving your SO or BFF a dinosaur-eating-pizza necklace.

Snash Jewelry

Now that’s a promising relationship. Get the PizzaSaurus Necklace here.

ID: 2768172

11. Slice and toast your bread at the same time (with a tool that Tumblr reveals is actually a Hogwarts Sorting Hat.)

ID: 2777202
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy / Touchstone Pictures / Via
ID: 2777226

12. Take the Throne of fries.

ID: 2735779

13. Take a swig from a Polyjuice Potion flask.

Get it here.

ID: 2735991

14. Build virtual snacks with LEGOS.

LEGO my Eggo?

ID: 2735970

15. Cook with LEGO utensils.

Get it here.

ID: 2784178

16. Make your position clear.

Get it here.

ID: 2735975

17. Turn your fridge into a portal.

Get it here.

ID: 2735983

18. Get a cocktail chemistry set.

Get it here.

ID: 2736059

19. Or a beaker-shaped tea infuser.

Get it here.

ID: 2756267

20. Put up motivational posters.

Get Ice Pop Superhero Posters here.

ID: 2736021

21. Season food with Rubik’s Cube salt and pepper mills.

Alas, they’re sold out. :(

ID: 2736063

22. Start baking.

Though these Pac-Man oven mittens are discontinued. Womp, womp.

ID: 2759196

23. Cool your drinks with Pac-Man ice.

Paladone Products

Get it here!

ID: 2783731

24. Or cool Tetris-shaped ice.


Get it here.

ID: 2784237

25. Snack on Tetris gummies.

Available in Japan.

ID: 2736086

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