The Top 20 Reasons Why Kathleen Wynne Rocks

We’ve combined, for your convenience, a few reasons why the Premier of Ontario and Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is one of the most - if not the most - fabulous political leaders in Canada. To learn more about Kathleen Wynne and why she rocks, check out

1. She takes selfies.

ID: 2955239

2. She’s a grandma, but she can still out-run you.

ID: 2955245

3. She’s trying to get all you Millennials a job.

ID: 2955250

4. She also wants you to pay less for tuition.

ID: 2955253

5. She has Instagram

ID: 2955262

6. She wore sequined red Chuck Taylors with a pant suit … while talking about the economy.

ID: 2955272

7. She is Ontario’s first female Premier…

ID: 2957918

8. And Canada’s first openly gay Premier. Ever.

ID: 2955290

9. She calls out Stephen Harper. All the time.

ID: 2955297

10. She’ll go to Pride with you.

ID: 2955301

11. She wants you to make more money …

ID: 2955309

12. So you can retire securely.

ID: 2955320

13. And speaking of securing your retirement, she has a plan for that too.

ID: 2955328

14. She uses Katy Perry’s “ROAR” as her campaign song.

ID: 2955368

15. Her first moment of political activism: she was sent home from school for fighting a no-pants-for-girls-rule.

ID: 2957196

16. She got into politics to fight against Mike Harris and his cuts to education.

ID: 2955841

17. She participated in Canada’s first running press conference.

ID: 2955862

18. She might be the only Premier to hula-hoop. And she’s really good at it.

ID: 2955910

19. She had a book written just for her. By her 4-year-old granddaughter.

ID: 2962764

20. She believes government is a force for good and wants to help people.

ID: 2955899

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