Meet Charli XCX, Your Fall Spirit Animal


1. Here she is: 21 year old singer-songwriter from the UK.

She’s been performing since she was 14.

2. This is her debut album, True Romance.

It rocks, y’all.

3. Guess what?? You already know her!!

From the catchiest song of the summer, Icona Pop’s ‘I Love it,’ which she co-wrote.

4. And she really is a 90’s bitch.

Girl, get it.

5. Check out DAT hair.


6. She likes to blow bubbles with her friends.

9. She plays in platform shoes cuz she’s hip like that.


10. She even poses for pix with her fangirls.

11. Plus, her mic stand lights up.

Enough said.

13. Here’s her SuperLovely music video for SuperLove.



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