28 Signs You’re A Wanderlust Kid At Heart

For all you travel junkies.

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1. You were probably a bird in your past life

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2. Because the thought of having an office job terrifies you

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3. Basking in nature’s filth will always be glorious

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No matter how old you are

David Hallock / Via Flickr: oruwu
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4. Nothing soothes your soul more than a cozy campfire

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5. You surf waves

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8. Concrete

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9. And couches

on a regular basis

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10. You have zero hesitation when it comes to cliff jumping

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11. You’re basically an adrenaline junkie

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12. You thrive at music festivals

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13. And road trips

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14. You take selfies with turtles

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15. Perhaps you wear your art on your sleeve

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16. Or your back

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17. You literally crave travel

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18. There’s really no slowing you down

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19. While your friends are making down payments on homes

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You’re purchasing a plane ticket to New Zealand

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20. It’s impossible for you to keep up with the latest TV shows

Orange is the new what??

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21. You want to live every day

ID: 1826929

Like it’s your last

ID: 1826939

22. You’re always planning your next big adventure

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23. You have a sincere passion to try new things

ID: 1827073

24. And visit new cities

ID: 1827079

25. And swim in cool places

ID: 1827141

26. You’d go to outer space if you could

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Because there’s just so much to see

ID: 1831030

27. You’re not even reading this post right now

Via Samantha Sharpee
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28. Because you’re too busy conquering the world

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To all the wanderlust kids out there

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And the wannabes alike

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Get UP

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