The 16 Worst Summer Sights From Your Childhood

Metal slides at high noon.

1. Metal slides, and your legs, scorching and screeching all the way down.

It was a real test of your commitment to slides.

2. Checking on your freeze pops, THAT STILL AREN’T FROZEN.

3. Getting into your parents’ oven car, that happens to have LEATHER SEATS.

4. A malfunctioning lawn sprinkler.

How am I supposed to run through this shit, dad. HOW.

5. The pool with tarp still over it because APPARENTLY the pool gets to decide when summer officially starts.

6. Or worse: When it’s so crowded it literally becomes the opposite of fun.

7. Floaties, when they’re strapped to every limb on your body.

8. Your sidewalk chalk getting down to the very itty bitty that your nails are basically scraping the cement.


10. Being grounded and watching the other children bask in their freedoms.

Kenishirotie / Shutterstock

11. A single wave destroying all of the sweat and care you put into your sand castle.

Flickr: jsclark / Via Creative Commons

12. Hitting someone with a water balloon that doesn’t break BUT THEN WATCHING IT POP IN THE GRASS.

13. The ice cream truck driving off around the corner, without you.

Flickr: mtsofan / Via Creative Commons

14. A deflating kiddie pool (while you’re still in it).

15. The magic of catching fireflies at night, which stop lighting up/die the next morning.


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