39 Wonderful Things That Are So Canada

From far and wide, we stand on guard for thee-se things.

1. Beautiful Bubbles Inside an Aero Bar

ID: 1840876

2. Bagged Milk

Yes, kinda strange, but they’re more eco-friendly and can be frozen and stored for longer periods of time. SO WHO’S WEIRD NOW.

ID: 1831027

3. Lounette and Molly from The Big Comfy Couch

Inspiring speedy cleanups everywhere since 1992.

ID: 1832156

4. The Famous (or Infamous) Tuxedo

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

…which inspired one of the great fashion moments in pop-culture history.

ID: 1831206

5. BeaverTail Pastries that Look Adorably and Deliciously Like Beaver Tails

Good enough for Obama, good enough for the world.

ID: 1832252

6. The Red Green Show

ID: 1833172

7. Canadian Tire Money

That you can actually use to buy things.

ID: 1841855

8. Tim Hortons and Beautiful Balls of Timbits

Did somebody say “RRRROLL UP THE RIM?”

ID: 1831956

9. Braceface

ID: 1840569

10. Praising the Almighty Moose

A majestic creature with so much natural grace.

ID: 1831916

11. Poutine

Classic, or avec bacon, the optional and necessary ingredient.

ID: 1832270

12. Drake’s $100 USD ($103 CAD) Smile

David Becker / Getty Images
ID: 1832010

13. Degrassi: The Next Generation

ID: 1832089


ID: 1832099

15. The Rachel McAdams + Ryan Gosling 4ever Fantasy

Kevin Winter / Getty

We must remain hopeful.

ID: 1832228

16. Anything Edible À La Maple Syrup


And most importantly, the maple lolli.

ID: 1831422

17. Kraft Dinners

AKA “KD’s”

ID: 1842315

18. Putting Coins Inside of Other Coins and Giving It a Badass Name

ID: 1832641

19. Steve Nash

Desiree Navarro / WireImage / Getty Images
ID: 1832297

20. Early 2000s Sk8r Avril Lavigne

And tiny chains hanging off of your pants.

ID: 1832468

21. Ketchup Chips

ID: 1833376

22. Universal Health Care

Enough said.

ID: 1842005

23. Still Listening to Our Lady Peace

ID: 1840324

24. The Crispest Apples on Earth

ID: 1839982

25. Tobogganing

ID: 1840053

26. Nanaimo Bars

ID: 1842358

27. Making a Family Trip to the Aviation Museum

ID: 1841735

28. Efficiently Bundling and Stacking Logs

ID: 1840103

29. Any Excuse to Protest

These creative Montreal residents are baiting the police with doughnuts.

ID: 1841911

30. Kind of Pointless but VERY SMOOTH Souvenir Pebbles

ID: 1840246

31. Michael J. Fox

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 1842339

32. Watching the Zamboni During Hockey Game Breaks

ID: 1840276

33. Unique Expressions of Patriotism

ID: 1841565

34. Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

One of the funniest (if not the funniest) original cast members of the improvised TV show.

ID: 1840675

35. Knowing When to Appropriately Use This Word:

E.g., “It’s nice weather, eh?”
NOT: [insert any phrase here and tag “eh” at the end and thinking you’re so witty for mocking Canadians]

ID: 1841819

36. Drinking Native Brews

ID: 1841550

37. Complete Adoration For Baby Seals

Inspiring the most popular and cuddly stuffed animal in Canada.

ID: 1841969

38. Rupert, The Very Rational Bear

ID: 1840549


Sorry not sorry. No, wait. Excuse me, pardon, we are sincerely sorry.

ID: 1840661

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